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About Divi

“Divi is not just a set of features and cool technology. It is a mission based on a set of core values and beliefs. We believe it is our mission to provide world-class, user-friendly, decentralized, digital solutions, empowered by blockchain to improve the lives of everyone, everywhere. We do this by providing the world’s most user-friendly, blockchain-powered applications that bring tangible benefits to the masses. We believe that this value chain should be under one ownership. We believe in a deep, collaborative ecosystem of users, businesses, investors, developers, partners and community members that allow us to innovate in ways that others can not. And finally, we aim to be highly successful in all that we do”

— Divi Project CIO, Nick Saponaro

Divi White paper

Divi Wikipedia

Divi Wikipedia is a living document, intended to assist those who are new to cryptocurrency and blockchain. We envisage that it will be a space where people can have their questions answered, and continue to engage with not only the Divi Project, but blockchain in general.

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The Cryptosphere is full of projects that overpromise and underdeliver. The Divi Project refused to create market hype based on announcements, for short term profits. For this reason, the team does not provide a conventional roadmap. However, the roadmap provides a glimpse of the progress being made on various aspects of Divi 2.0.

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